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Bikes for rent

At Oliver Bikes you can rent mountain and city bicycles for any term and any budget.

Premium bikes

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes Format 1413 and 1315 — 24-speed MTB with disk brakes (hydraulic or mechanical), 100mm or 120mm forks, Cro-Mo saddle rails and 27.5" or 29" wheels.
Format — is a Premium brand of Forward, Russian bicycle factory.

Dahon Espresso — full-frame folding bike with 26" wheels and patented Dahon elements — adjustable riding position, Flatpak technology (when folded, the bike can be stored almost everywhere) and exceptionally stable steering.

Format 1413 (2016)
MTB 29", frames 19", 21"
Format 1315 (2016)
MTB 27,5", frames 19", 21"
Dahon Espresso (2016)
Folding MTB, 26"

City bikes

Format 5332 — genuine gentlemen city bike with 700mm wheels and 8-speed Shimano hub. Excellent option for long city rides.


Dahon city bikes — freedom unfolds. Compact and handy, lightweight and comfortable — Dahon bikes are good both for crowded streets and empty Moscow riversides

Format 5332 (2016)
Dahon Briza (2016)
Dahon Mu D8 (2016)
Dahon Curve i3 (2016)
Strida LT, SX, EVO
1 hour

All day
till 10PM

24 hours

+ 24h

1 week

How to rent
Show your passport and leave deposit of 5000rub.
Important: Rental terms

Standard bikes


Format 1415 — lightweight 21-speed MTB with Alu-frame, 100mm coil fork, Cro-Mo saddle rails and 26" wheels

Format 7713 — Alu-frame lady MTB with 80mm coil fork, V-brakes and 26" wheels.

Format 1415 (2016)
Format 7713 (2016)
Maverick Dancer
Bikes for sale! 6500rub only.

City bikes

Schwinn — one of the oldest bicycle brands, specialized in city bikes. We have Schwinn classic cruisers and comfort bikes.

Schwinn Sierra
Schwinn Fiesta
Forward Surf
3G Stepper
1 hour

All day
till 10PM

24 hours

+ 24h

1 week
7 days

4 hours

How to rent
Show passport and leave deposit of 2000rub.
Important: Rental terms

Tandem bikes

One bike for two

We have two cruiser tandems — Schwinn Tango Tandem and Trek Cruiseliner Tandem 2008.

Schwinn Tango Tandem
Trek Cruiseliner Tandem
May differ from the real bikes
1 hour

All day
till 10PM

24 hours

1 week
7 days

How to rent
Show passport and leave deposit of 3000rub.
Important: Rental terms

Bike rental prices, roubles

Stan­dard Premium Tan­dem
1 hour 200 500 500
4 hours/day* 500 1000 1000
weekdays only
All day 750 1000 1500
till 10:00PM
Night** 650 1000 1500
10:00PM till 11:00AM
24 hours 900 1200 1800
+ 24h 700 1000 1800
extra 24 hours
1 week 2800 5000 5000
7 days
+ 1 week 2000 3000 5000
extra 7 days
Free bike locks, baskets for city bikes, flashlights for night rides.
with a bike
Helmet, rack 50rub/day
with a bike
Deposit 2000 5000 3000

* weekdays only. During happy hour 11:00AM till 12:00PM (weekdays only) bikes for all day at this tariff!
** 10:00PM till 11:00AM only. Bikes should be returned next day 11:00AM till 11:30AM

Rental terms

Bicycle rental Terms

It's very easy to rent a bike. We will ask you only three things:

1. Your passport we need your passport details to sign rental agreement;
2.Security deposit depending on bike model(s) fully refunded provided that the bike is returned in due time, in the same conditions it was received allowing normal wear and tear.
3. Pay the rent price if you take bikes overnight. Only deposit is enough provided you return bikes same day. In this case you pay the rent on return.

Deposit for Standard bikes — 2000rub.
Deposit for Premium bikes — 5000rub.


We kindly ask you to take care of rented equipment, protect it from damage, loss and theft.

You shall agree to fully compensate for any damage caused to the equipment, loss or theft of the equipment.

You shall assume all the risks and liability that may result from the use of rented equipment.